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Need help and support? We specialize in implementation of IT projects for businesses and corporations. We offer extensive, high quality IT services. Your project will be supervised by hand- picked specialists who will make your project even more valuable. Due to our rich experience, we help our clients design, build and manage websites and internet applications. Find out what we can do for you.

Not sure if the IT environment in your company is safe and efficient? Let us check it for you and find the solution to possible problems.


We support our clients in one of the most difficult challenges faced by management, supervision of IT area. With us, you won’t be left in the lurch.


Our specialists will be responsible for IT activities in your company. Thanks to them, your information system will be stable and you will save time and money.

Rails 3/4/5, RSpec, Factory Girl, HAML, Devise

We specialise in Ruby on Rails and use it in projects designed for our clients. Ruby on Rails is a framework which allows to design web applications quickly and efficiently. Due to the fact that it uses many design patterns (MVC), the applications are characterized by a high quality code.

Symfony 2, Sonata, PEAR PHP, Laravel, Doctrine ORM, Sylius, Zend1

PHP is a commonly used scripting language which is especially adjusted to designing internet applications. PHP provides numerous technological solutions to integrate PHP application with all the systems written in a different programming language. Currently, a wide spectrum of MVC frameworks available on the market such as Symfony, Yii2, Zend3, Laravel and many others allow to implement various internet applications with ease.

Angular JS, React, jQuery, Bootstrap, CoffeeScript, Backbone.js

JavaScript is a small, light, object-oriented and multiplatform scripting language used both for frontend and backend. Due to actions executed on the client’s side, the interface quickly responds to user interaction. Frameworks such as React, Angular or Vue make application design quick, solid and pleasurable.


Python is a remarkably brief and clear language. It contains a well-developed packet of standard libraries which make the code easy and legible. It is often used as a scripting language.


Frontend, as the name suggests, is the “outer side” of a web portal – the part responsible for receiving data from the user (e.g. forms) as well as presenting data received from backend in a clear and easy way, taking into account a wide spectrum of devices using various resolutions. The person handling the tasks from this field is mainly responsible for the design of graphical layout of the website (HTML + CSS) as well as for creating interfaces to exchange data with backend (JavaScript).

iOS, Android

Applications created especially for mobile operating systems. iOS is based on Mac OS x 10.5, which means it uses Darwin kernel. Android uses Linux kernel. We design applications for both these systems, providing entertainment, knowledge and helpful solutions available in your phone or tablet.

MySQL, PostreSQL, MongoDB, Maria DB

In order to design and modify databases, Structural Query Language (SQL) is used. We can distinguish few relational databases which use that language such as open-source MySQL and PostgreSQL.


Docker is an open platform which allows to run applications in an isolated environment. Processes are launched in the environment called the container. This tool facilitates and speeds up the process of application design, from development to implementation in operational environment.

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