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About project

The project aims to develop a platform for creating and managing field games based on GPS location and the possibility of user interaction, as well as a mobile application using augmented reality technology.

Main goals

Creating a web application for managing games

Creating an API used by the mobile application

Enabling the creation of several types of user accounts with different permissions

Integration with the mobile application

Enabling real-time gameplay

Integration with external services


There was a lot of challenges in the development of the project

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    Using firebase real-time data to display the current state of the game, like information about answered tasks and users' location.

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    Creating API for mobile app.

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    Developing a tailor-made web app based on UI/UX delivered by the designer.

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Our team created a web app with React library and Typescript language. We've used the Firebase platform and its possibilities on the backend side, including cloud functions, database, authentication, remote config, and more. We also provided an API for communication between mobile applications and backend based on NodeJS and Express framework. We have configured Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment processes to minimize code integration failures and introduce new bugs.

Rune Rafshol

Wittario AS - Development Manager

Wittario have worked with AKRA Polska as our Backend Development Team since the start of our company. Our experience with the Team is that they are reliable, proactive and commited to us and our solution. They have been an important part the successful launch and furter improvement of our great game. The communication with the Team and their customer team is close, frequent and very positive. We can recommend AKRA Polska to anyone who are looking for a reliable development team.