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Creating a platform dedicated to franchisees in the gastronomic sector in the USA, enabling collective management of communication in social media for multiple locations of individual franchise networks. Support the marketing goals of the organization.

Main goals

Integration with Google My business

Linkasoarus enables your bulk responses to GMB reviews. The application allows you to prepare an automatic template to respond to reviews.

Integration with Facebook

Linkasoarus allows you to add a post on Facebook Platform and scheduling them in a specific time frame. The integration enables your bulk responses to Facebook reviews. The platform allows using previously prepared templates. Thanks to the Facebook Messenger module, you can contact your fans and applicants directly

Implementing the Marketing Shorten URLs module

Linkasoarus allows you to create your own shortened URL with an editable back-half. You can link click analytics to track results.

Interactive statistic dashboard

Linkasoarus allows you to track your results, print PDFs, and select the type of statistics you want to see in your reports.


The main challenges resulted from the risks and limitations in accessing data from external websites through the API issued by them. Our challenges were related to:

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    Limited requests in two-way communication imposed by Google My Business API (applies to the functionality of downloading and automatically responding to reviews published on the Google website).

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    Limited requests in two-way communication imposed by the Facebook API (applies to the publication of posts and automatic reposting from fan pages other than the fan page of a given location).

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    The use of anti-spam filters in one-way communication with Facebook and Google My Business (functionalities for downloading and automatically responding to reviews published on the fan page).

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    Implementing the messaging module that allows communication with fans or applicants in the fastest real-time

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    E-mail parsing and assigning to the specific location.


We solved the above challenges thanks to proprietary scripts sending data in random packets and time intervals (so it was possible to bypass the limits). Additionally, concerning individual modules, the queuing mechanisms we developed allow for limiting the sending of requests at one time. Proprietary scripts will also enable us to download vast amounts of data and pack them into smaller packages assigned to specific modules, thanks to maintaining the website's smoothness. The data is presented in real-time.